Recent Testimonials

Bob really knows his stuff!! I spoke with him for an hour and he was able to isolate my Stec55x altitude hold problem and ID a bad servo for the yaw damper. I had the servo sent out for overhaul, adjusted the pins on the pressure sensor under the supervision of my local A&P and I was all set!!! No painful scheduling or paying for trouble shooting at the avionics shop, money well spend with Bob. Thank you.

There are few “bargains” when it comes to aircraft ownership. Webair consulting is the exception to that rule. Over the past several years, Bob Weber has successfully trouble shot multiple squawks on my KFC 200- Over the phone. With a phone call, You can have his expertise guide you through the troubleshooting process and source parts if necessary. Bob has saved me thousands of dollars and trips to the avionics shop. His business represents the greatest value in GA, in my opinion. One call to Webair and I think you’ll agree. I’m not a stakeholder, just a very satisfied customer. Again. Thanks for all your help Bob.

Bob Weber's advice was invaluable in quickly fixing my problem.

If you are dedicated to keeping your legacy autopilot working properly, you'll quickly realize that the super sharp techs that used to work on these have mostly retired and been replaced by the remove and replace crowd. Except for Bob Weber that is. Here is a guy that remains fluent in all these old autopilots and can most definitely put you on the path to getting odd squawks resolved with sometimes minimal effort. An hour of his time is a no brainer before spending thousands sending all your components to a shop a thousand miles away.

I'm based in KCLT, big field, no avionics shop, so whenever I need avionics work I have to take my A36 to wherever I can find someone that knows the 'old stuff' and more importantly has time to work me in. I use my A36 for business and it's costly time wise to have to take it to another field. If we had an avionics shop here I would gladly pay them just for the convenience of it.

Recently my KFC 200 auto-pilot would not engage (lever would not stay up). After about 6 hours of hand flying I knew I had to do get it fixed. Did some research on BeechTalk forums and found Bob. After speaking with him a bit and discussing the symptoms it was determined to have been an easy fix.

Bob has in-valuable experience that I recommend to anyone to gain insight into whatever auto-pilot issue they may be having.

Hello, I own a 1982 Cessna 414A with an 800B autopilot. I've been working with Bob for a while now and oh boy I'm so glad I found him!

First and foremost, the guy is like an avionics / autopilot Jedi master! He knows those systems like the back of his hand and has saved me buckets of money already dealing with other avionics guys who would give me nothing but "run-arounds".

Second, his communication skills are extraordinary, the way he explains things, and how punctual he is.

Third, he is extremely available, prompt and if he's unavailable, he calls you right back.

You want this guy!

My Century 2000 had worked well for about 10 years, but it developed serious issues in holding altitude and pitch control. I contacted Bob and he led me through the diagnostics. We isolated the problem to the pitch servo. This was sent to Century Flight Systems and repaired. Since installation of the repaired pitch servo, I’ve experienced no problems in ten hours of flight. I couldn’t be happier with result.

I will illustrate my experience with Bob's services with a joke.

Long time ago, there was a problem with a steam locomotive. An engineer was called in. He went into the engine room of the locomotive, looked and listened. He then took a hammer and tapped on a steam valve and left. The locomotive worked perfect since. He produced an invoice for $100 (which was a lot of money back in the day). Everyone was stunned! How come a simple tap on the valve would warrant such a cost. So he was asked to produce an itemized invoice. His revised invoice read, "tapping the valve $1, knowing WHERE to tap, $99."

Bob knew EXACTLY what "valve to tap on" on my KFC 200 given his years of experience. He got me back running with minimal cost and time. Invaluable service at a reasonable cost. Thank you Sir!

Bob took my classic autopilot,diagnosed the issue and went above and beyond my expectations of trying to correct my ALT.HOLD problem at a very reasonable cost.Phone consultation was very informative as well.I am personally going to let all my GA friends know that Bob Weber is the FIRST person they need to contact to resolve any automation issues!..

Bob has expertly helped me repair, maintain and fly my legacy autopilot. His thorough and detailed knowledge of the system has allowed us to tackle repairs in a focused and efficient manner.

I have no doubt that he has saved me money and allowed me to extend the life of my autopilot.

Thanks, Bob!